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Maknae Line - Surprise Visitor

Author: KeepCalmN_AKTF
Title: Maknae Line – Surprise Visitor
Length: OneShot
Characters: Junsu & Changmin
Rating: G
Genre: non-au
Disclaimer: Read and enjoy - don't take credit for my work.
Summary: Yoochun enlist so Junsu is miserable. He gets a surprise visitor that he was not expecting…at all.

This sucks, thought Junsu as he stuffed his face with ice cream and wiped the snot running down his nose. With Jaejoong leaving, it hadn’t been so bad because he still had Yoochun to be comforted by. But now? He felt lonely and miserable, and not even Junho was here to distract him. He wanted to be distracted and staying home was the worst, it only made him more upset. He just wanted something to make him forget about the loneliness he’ll be facing for the coming months. He still had ages to enlist yet, which meant time away from the soulmates and their love for him.


He stopped the spoon half-way to his mouth as his doorbell rang.

Who the heck would show up at this time? He hoped it was Junho. Or maybe it was Hyukjae. He’d called earlier checking up on him and asking where he was. God, he hoped it was one of them and not some stupid annoying over obsessed fan.

He caught a glimpse of his face in the hall mirror and grimaced. He’d definitely had better days. Well, it’s not like he had a girlfriend over or anyone he’d need to make himself presentable for. At least he hoped not.


“Alright I’m coming. Jeez.” He muttered as he made his way towards the screen that would let him know who was demanding entry. And his heart almost stopped when his eyes landed on the face looking at him through the screen. No way.

For a moment he considered if he was hallucinating, but he was sure the ice cream he’d just had was not laced with anything dodgy. Before he could think about other probably ridiculous theories, the man on the other side made a face at him, motioning for him to hurry it up.

Well shit.

As he anxiously waited by the door, his disbelief at what he saw grew. Was that really Changmin? Why on earth was he here for? Wasn’t he supposed to attend Yunho’s graduation ceremony? And wouldn’t he get in trouble for meddling with the enemy? Because that’s what he assumed Changmin saw them as, the enemy. Only one way to find out.

He just hoped it wasn’t some psycho killer who looked like Changmin. Changmin he could handle, but a murder with a thirst for blood? Probably not. Suddenly he didn’t feel so confident. He considered running to the kitchen to grab a knife or something. But that’s stupid. He could still just lock his door.



Junsu had been in a lot of awkward situations. What with his own troublesome naivety and the troll pair of soulmates at his side, it was inevitable for him to face ridiculous and often embarrassing circumstances. However, standing in his own hallway staring at the tall younger man in front of him, both not saying a word…it was probably in the top five most awkward situations he’d had to suffer.

Changmin wore a dark grey hoody with comfy looking denims. As soon as Junsu had closed the door behind him, they’d both just stood there staring at each other. Neither knew what to do or say, but since Changmin was the one who’d come to him, Junsu decided it was up to the younger to start…whatever it was that needed to be started. An argument? Both shuffled their feet on the floor, nervous fingers twiddling, yet still staring at each other.

Changmin had no idea what he was supposed to do now. When he’d left the filming site he was planning to go and see Kyuhyun and whine to him about not being able to see Yunho on his graduation day, but it was a random impulse that forced him to change direction and head the opposite way. Yoochun. He was off today as well. It reminded him of the horrible, empty feeling he’d suffered when Yunho had left. And for some reason, his brain had decided that he needed to see Junsu. No explanation, no reason. He just needed to see him.

Standing here now, he realised it was up to him to make something of his visit. He was here already, may as well get on with it. He wasn’t about to wuss out. Even though the entire journey passed in a blur, with him only becoming aware of his surroundings when he’d called Hyukjae for Junsu’s location, he really wanted to do this. How long were they going to avoid each other? All five of them. If the oldest three wouldn’t do it, then perhaps it was up to the youngest two to make the first move. Or maybe it was up to Changmin to make the first move. Ugh.

“Hi.” He said, surprisingly clear.

Junsu was a little taken aback at hearing his voice. So he wasn’t hallucinating then?

“Uhm…hey?” the shorter man sounded a little unsure. But looking at his appearance, eyes red and swollen with puffy red cheeks, he’d been crying, Changmin was all the more determined to be brave.

“You have games?” he asked, putting his fingers in his back pockets.

Junsu just looked at him, expecting…Changmin had no idea what he was expecting of him. It took a moment of silence before he snapped out of it

“How did you…” he trailed off. What was he going to do? This was a moment he had not foreseen in the near future. Heck, he hadn’t even expected it in the distant future! But Changmin was here. He was in his hallway, and he was asking about games.

There were questions. He could ask them, he could bombard Changmin with all the questions that had been in his chest for so long. He could scream and shout at him. He could start a fight. But what then? Changmin would leave. That would be the end of it. They’d both probably pretend it never happened…

He didn’t want that.

Changmin was here. Against all odds. He didn’t want to screw things up by asking questions, he knew he’d get no answers anyway.

It was either take the moment and accept it as a precious rare gift – asking no questions. Or demand answers and ruin it for both of them.

He wasn’t stupid. Doing this had probably taken more guts than he owned, but Changmin had done it. For whatever reason, he didn’t want to know. And he probably didn’t have the time to know either.

He nodded his head, going towards his living room.

“You want a drink?”


They played. Different games. They played for hours and hours. Both chugging down the drinks and snacks Junsu had taken out.

It was fun.

Surprising huh?

Junsu found it was so easy to fall into an old pattern when you simply let go of unnecessary things. It was like the old days. Both laughing and cheering when they won, and pouncing on each other and attacking the remote controls when they lost. Throwing accusations of cheating while firing popcorn at each other, they were smiling. Together.

Again it occurred to him that asking questions could give him some relief, he could have answers to questions. But he decided it was not worth it. This moment was more important than those answers. At least at the moment he felt that way. He’d probably change his mind tomorrow, but oh well.

He wasn’t so sad and miserable about Yoochun’s enlistment, and he assumed Changmin wanted some comfort too. He was lonely too. Perhaps lonelier than Junsu. After all, he’d had to deal without Yunho for more than a month, and Junsu hadn’t even gone a day and he’d already cried and stuffed his face with ice cream like a school girl who’d broken up with a boyfriend. How sad, he chastised himself silently.

This night was probably going to make them both change things. Were they going to talk after this? Was Changmin going to leave and pretend this night never happened? Would Junsu himself dare to approach him afterwards? So many questions. So many useless questions. They weren’t worth the effort to try and find a solution for. Questions. That’s what destroyed them. He hated questions because they still plagued him with lack of answers.

Letting go, that was the key.

Junsu didn’t know when he fell asleep. He didn’t notice when he got so comfortable with his ex-member that he’d just fall asleep half-way through a game, just like old days. It was weird when he woke up on the couch, his blanket covering him.

The room had been tidied. He chuckled at that. Typical Changmin. Still a neat freak.

He wanted to hope that this was the beginning of something, but he’d learnt long ago that hope was not anyone’s friend. It was better to take things as they came, rather than hope for things in the future.

He had fun last night. He managed to not a pathetic loser on the couch and actually laughed and enjoyed himself. Yoochun, Jaejoong and…Yunho. They were all three in the army. Changmin was heading there soon, too.

God damn it! He was the last one...AGAIN How had that not occurred to him? Fate seemed to always play tricks on him that way. He couldn’t be mad though. Things were as they were meant to be. Whatever that was.

He’d seen Changmin, and they hadn’t fought or argued. He didn’t know what that meant, nor did he want to dwell on it this early in the morning. But one things was certain. Something was coming. Something good. He didn’t know what it was, but he could feel it. Almost like an instinct.

Cassiopeia’s strength, perhaps?

He didn’t want to hope for anything, but he knew that once two members from the two sides met – it didn’t have to be him and Changmin – but when they did manage to meet…something was going to come out of it. That was for sure.

Maybe Yunho and Jaejoong hung would meet in the army. That scared him a little. Would they be ok? Would Jaejoongie hyung be ok? Yunho had better control over his feelings, but everyone knew Jaejoong…

Junsu hoped things would work out for the best. If Yunho and Jaejoong met in the army, then there was no stopping that ‘somethings’ from occurring. He didn’t know how to feel about that, so he decided to just not think on too much. Things would unravel on their own. Just like they do all the time.

They just had to be prepared for it when it came.

AN: A little sucky and random.

Tags: focus: minsu, genre: non-au, length: oneshot, rating: g

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